SERGEANT OF ARMS (xmiltyx) wrote in tcs_ninjaxcore,

well well well

i went out to barnfest. TCS really surprised me. i mean i just wasnt expecting the best considering garys only drummed for 2 and a half to 3 weeks. AND daryl was away on a rafting trip so jesse (a bass player) took his place. they really impressed me. some stuff was messed up a little but thats normal haha. at least the old school break down wasn't slaughtered. haha. anyways they did great. most the other bands sucked. i've never seen robot eyes but sumthin wicked is awesome. 6bullets did good too as well as dead unknown. everyone check out some TCS shows in the future cause they'll probably improve tremendously over the summer. well exept when daryls in cali but whatevs whatevs. ALSO- please check out this oly hardcore band, stop at nothing- -- there whole 6 song cd is online there under media. allright thats enough promotional shit for me to do. later.

hoods up! exc

ps. will people please start posting show reviews, upcoming shows, band news, etc etc etc... in this community. its becoming so incredibally weak.
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